Manifesto “Super-rich Tax”

Solving Earth's Core Problem

Based on insights of Darwin, Harari and Piketty.

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270 people support this manifesto
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After studying the insights of Darwin, Piketty and Harari, Jean-Paul Fonteijn drew up this first version of this manifesto.

The current videos are more suitable for the scholars among us. In order to create a peaceful revolution, however, the masses must be reached. That is why we are now working on a more concise video that should appeal to the masses.

Since the origin of money about 4,000 years ago, a new type of person ‘the super-rich’ has emerged. These super-rich currently hold more than half of the world's total wealth. If we don't change course in the world in a revolutionary way, these super-rich will soon own 80% of the world's total wealth.

In itself we do not begrudge the super-rich their prosperity, but this concentration of capital unfortunately has two negative effects, namely

  1. this capital no longer ends up in the middle class that drives the economy and
  2. we desperately need this capital to solve world problems such as inequality, disease and the environment.

This manifesto ‘Super-rich Tax’ has been prepared to make the world aware of this situation. Five videos on this website explain that something really needs to change in the world.

A country can only implement the ‘Super-rich Tax’ if the super-rich cannot easily transfer their wealth to other countries without this tax. In order to avoid economic disadvantages for the first implementing countries, we must create measurable support across the world, so that the world's major economies can introduce the ‘Super-rich Tax’ at about the same time. That is why the website of this manifesto contains a counter with the number of votes per country, as an indication of the support base per country.

With this manifesto we create measurable support for political parties to include the ‘Super-rich Tax’ in their programs. After all, political parties can only do this if they can increase their number of seats or make them more likely to be elected.

To do something about the current weaving error of the world, make 15 minutes of your time available for the activities below:

  1. Watch the five videos
  2. Vote anonymously
  3. Share this with your friends

Watch the five videos on this website and you will understand the reasoning!

Half of the world's wealth belongs to the super rich (the top 1%). These super rich have run out of investment ideas and have parked $ 4.7 trillion in the bank. In addition, the wealth of these super rich continues to grow at the expense of the wealth of the rest of the world. It is the flaw of our current world.

This unnatural process of extreme power concentration was started during the discovery of the medium of exchange called "money" some 4,000 years ago. Money as a medium of exchange is of course fine, but unfortunately it also has an unintended side effect, namely that you can build an unlimited amount of power with it. Differences in wealth are fine in itself, but it is of course strange that you can build up unlimited amounts of wealth and this is the sting of all the misery in the world. As mentioned before, it is the flaw of the world.

Due to the extreme differences in capital, fair trade has not been around for 4,000 thousand years. After all, people with more wealth have a better negotiating position than people with less wealth. This ensures that all the world's wealth has been flowing to the super rich for 4,000 years. This extreme power concentration in the world has already been demonstrated by many scientists.

Half of the world's total wealth is now in the hands of a very limited number of super-rich. This gigantic amount of capital can be used much better than it is now. With this capital, jobs must be created and risky investments made so that this money flows back to the middle class. The middle class is the engine of a healthy economy.

By combining a healthy middle class with a well-functioning government, the underclass will do better. We are now in a vicious circle in which the middle class is getting worse and worse, the economy is becoming increasingly difficult and more and more people from the middle class are moving to the underclass. After the bloody French revolution of extreme land ownership, it is now time for a peaceful global revolution of extreme money ownership.

How can we allow this global revolution of extreme money ownership to take place peacefully? This can be done by introducing the “Super-rich Tax”.

That the introduction of this tax works is shown by the figures of the famous French economist Piketty. After all, these figures show that the Germans were the fastest to get their economy back on track after World War II. How did they do this? Germany was completely bombed out, wasn't it? Germany recovered faster then because the assets of the debt-conscious, super-rich Germans were used to recover Germany. With a worldwide “Super-rich Tax”, we must therefore now try to turn the world in the right direction again in a similar way to Germany after the Second World War.

Watch the five videos at for more details and vote anonymously for the GWF. Then forward this url within your network, so that we can make the world turn in the right direction again.

No extreme inequality for three million years

For three million years, all of the hominins that we evolved from lived as itinerant hunters / gatherers in groups of up to 80 individuals. These humanoids were true generalists, and the wisest person was the chief. The chief was able to make the best decisions for his tribe from his holistic helicopter view. The leaders of the tribe usually had a slightly better place to sleep, a slightly larger hut / tent and a bit better food than the rest of the tribe, but these differences were minimal and clear. This slight degree of ownership differences and hierarchy provided peace and stability. After all, if this slight degree of hierarchy / inequality were not there, there would be unrest and quarrels every time if, for example, the spoil from a yacht had to be divided. If a few bison were caught, the chief would arrange how the hide and meat were to be distributed among everyone. For three million years there was no extreme inequality in the world in this way.

Extreme inequality arose about 4,000 years ago

In the period between 10,000 and 4,000 years ago, the world turned figuratively in the wrong direction. During this period man changed from itinerant hunter/gatherer to farmer and during this period the writing and money were discovered. Money is the main cause of today's extreme inequality in the world. After all, money can be used not only as a means of exchange but also as a means of storage. The discovery of money suddenly made it possible for man to store property to an unlimited extent. In itself an extreme amount of property/wealth is not a bad thing, were it not for the fact that it causes someone to gain too much of a position of power over the people with less property/wealth. An annoying side effect of money as a store of value is that it unfairly improves your negotiating position, making it easier for you to close advantageous business deals than people with less money. Because of this unfair trade, the money has been flowing for about 4,000 years from the underclass to the middle class and from the middle class back to the super rich. This process of wealth concentration has meant that more than half of the total amount of money in the world is now in the hands of the 1% richest (the new super-gods). Eight billion people in the world currently have less money than the 1% richest in the world.

Because human social structures have become increasingly complex (from tribes with a maximum of 80 people to countries with millions of people) and because we have changed from generalist to specialist, there are no longer people with a holistic helicopter view. Due to the complexity of the current world with all its specialisms and complex social structures, we no longer see the forest for the trees and do not see the absurdity of the current situation. For example, we do not all see that the people with the most money (the supergods) pay relatively the least tax and therefore relatively contribute the least to the community. The wealth of the millionaires / billionaires is taxed by a maximum of two percent per year, while the millionaires have to work zero hours for it. All they need to do is rent out and buy houses or let their advisor invest smartly. To pass the time, they often go on vacation and do charity work.

Strangely enough, the tax on the assets of the ordinary person who has to work hard varies from 25% to 50%. So apart from the better negotiating position of the richer, we also have rules of the game that are hugely in favor of the super-rich. As a result, money has been flowing from the middle class to the super-rich person for 4,000 years. In a healthy world, this flow of money flows opposite. In a healthy world, capital has to flow from the super-rich to the middle class and not the other way around, as it is now. A richer middle class is the basis for a healthy economy. A richer middle class will make the government richer and a richer government gives the government more opportunities to make underclass people middle class again.

The world's current flaw can only be repaired with a worldwide "Super-rich Tax"

Only with the introduction of an “Super-rich Tax”, we can get the money flowing in the right direction again. For more information, check out the Inequality Graph, the other onepager and the five videos on

Then vote for the manifesto via the “Vote Anonymously” button and see how many people from which country have already voted for the manifesto via the “Support by country” button. Finally, forward this manifest within your network.

After 4000 years, let's finally get the earth turning in the right direction again!